Olark is definitely a name to keep in mind

Features: 5/55/55/55/55/5

Support: 4.5/54.5/54.5/54.5/54.5/5

Price: 5/55/55/55/55/5

There is nothing more important in business than customers. Regardless of your business, the level of customer care you provide will make or break you. In the world of e-commerce, visitor interaction is something that often lacking. Olark can solve that problem.

Customers like to be looked after and if they feel loved they will remain loyal. Having a live chat application on hand to communicate with customers, providing advice, answer questions and help them with problems will make them feel more welcome. Not only will this help you build a good reputation (essential as a new company), it will generate more traffic and therefore increase sales.

Olark is a live chat application with the added bonus of real-time tracking data. It can be integrated in minutes – without the need for download – and provide both users and operators with an excellent experience.

As a customer, having the option of live chat on a site is comforting, as an operator it is essential for a better site. Olark provides the operator with useful data on customers such as location and page address; it can also be integrated with Google Analytics so that you can see which times are the best to be online.

It matters not who initiates the conversation on Olark and the actually chat experience is very similar to GTalk and other instant messaging clients which most people are familiar with. You can also customise the theme of the Olark widget to the colour scheme of your site.

If live chat is something of interest to you, Olark is definitely a name to keep in mind.

Olark provides a beautiful user experience

Olark is a live chat application that is designed for websites looking to interact with visitors. It also happens to be the best real time chat tool of its kind.

Olark allows users to see all of the activity on their website and proactively chat to visitors in real time, while at the other end visitors to a site can enjoy simplistic chat much like other instant messaging applications. Olark provides as beautiful a user and visitor experience as one could wish for and a lot more.

If you already happen to have an instant messaging client that supports Jabber/XMPP or Google Talk (GTalk), as many of us already do, you are all set up for Olark, and integration couldn’t be easier, a single snippet of JavaScript copy and pasted is all it takes. From here you can initiate chat with visitors and see important information about them, such as chat status and location. There are various different plans available offering multiple operators and conversations for very reasonable monthly fees and full support is also offered from the Olark team.

If you are looking to increase sales, help customers and build up a loyal following on your site, Olark is a worthy investment.

The ability to monitor visitors creates a whole new dimension

There is a well-known saying in business that goes: “the customer is always right.” Listening to your customers is a good thing there is no doubt about it. If you are someone that does value your customer base, you will love Olark.

Olark is a web-based application that lets you place a live chat widget onto your website and communicate with customers. Think about it: a potential customer visits your website and is having problems finding what they are looking for. The normal response to this is to simply press the ‘back’ or ‘backspace’ button and leave the site. However, with the live chat option an operator is ready and waiting to provide all the assistance that the customer needs.

Not only does this allow you to keep customers that you would have lost, it helps you to build up a good reputation.

A JavaScript snippet is all that is required to install the widget onto your site and a custom or choice of predefined theme will have the chat box looking the part on your site. Once you are up and running you can choose to either reach out to customers or sit back and monitor their activity, letting them come to you with any problems.

The ability to monitor visitors on your website is something that adds a whole new dimension to the instant messenger service. You can see the location of your visitors and which page of the site they are viewing. During chat you actually can redirect customers to a specific page and lead them to what they are looking for.

A great list of standard features come with every Olark package and as you upgrade to more operators and visitor monitoring, extra features are added such as SSL security and White Label. Packages start with the Bronze package at $15 per month offering 1 operator and the monitoring of 10 visitors and scale up to the Ultimate package 10 operators and monitoring of 150 visitors at any one time.

If you are a new company or one looking to improve customer relations, an application like Olark is exactly what you need.

Why Olark is an essential website tool – my full review

Features: 5/55/55/55/55/5

Support: 4.5/54.5/54.5/54.5/54.5/5

Price: 5/55/55/55/55/5

As a small business online, interacting with customers can be a great way of getting to know your target audience and making people feel at home when they visit your site. Online shoppers are a pretty loyal bunch of people, they will be more than happy to return to a site that has provided them with a good service. A live chat tool can be essential in providing a personal visitor experience. One such application that offers this real-time chat function is Olark.

I stumbled upon Olark when in search for a chat tool, and although it wasn’t the first application I came across it was definitely the one that appealed to me the most. This is because Olark has features that go way beyond talking with visitors.


The features included with Olark are things that I had never considered needing – until I actually had them. First of all, there are a number of different themes to choose from and you can customize your chat widget to fit in effortlessly with the theme of your website. You can also integrate Olark with GTalk and other instant messaging simply by feeding it with credentials provided by the guys at Olark.com. What appealed most to me, however, was the bonus of real-time tracking data. You can see the visitor’s location and status and also which page of the website they are currently browsing. This really helps in providing the customer with a better user experience and by adding Google Analytics; you are able to see how well your website performs at certain times.

Another feature that I really enjoy with Olark is the ability to redirect customers to the correct areas of the site, without losing the chat. You can even scroll the page and circle specific items for them – quite incredible! Live chat is also seamless, never once has there been a lag in conversation, even when changing URL.

One thing that I did find about chatting with visitors is that it is better from them to come to you rather than you initiating conversation, although, that was just my personal experience.


I could not write this review without talking about the installation process. Olark is quite simply the easiest application I have ever installed. No downloading or unpacking of zip files, it is literally a copy and paste of JavaScript snippet and you’re done. It can be done in minutes. If you do become stuck at any point, for instance, if you are using commercial CMS, Olark has numerous tutorials for Shopify, WordPress, Blogger, and others.


Olark offer four different packages, giving the chance to upgrade as your site grows, these packages are as follows:

  • Bronze – 1 operator, monitoring of 10 visitors, unlimited conversations – $15/month
  • Gold – 3 operators, monitoring of 40 visitors, unlimited conversations – $44/month
  • Platinum – 6 operators, monitoring of 80 visitors, unlimited conversations, SSL security, white label – $166/month
  • Ultimate – 10 operators, monitoring of 150 visitors, unlimited conversations, SSL security, white label, phone support – $219/month

All the technical support you need is also provided by the nice guys over at Olark.com.


Olark is an excellent tool and is really easy to get started with. If you require a chat application, it has to feature highly on the list.

Cool tool of Olark – Why I love it

Features: 5/55/55/55/55/5

Support: 5/55/55/55/55/5

Price: 5/55/55/55/55/5

Being a webmaster, a live chat application is something I have considered for a while. Now, I have never been a person to just go with the first product I see, so when I finally decided to take the plunge and install a chat tool I made sure I did some research.

There are a number of chat tools out there, Imified and Clickdesk were just two of those that I came across; however, after some deliberation I decided on application named Olark – I am pleased to say I didn’t regret it.


I realised that I had made the correct decision with Olark at the installation process; I have never known anything so easy to integrate. All that was required was a simple copy and paste of JavaScript snippet. Ok, so I am pretty competent with computers, but I assure you that even a novice could install Olark. Should you have difficulty, step-by-step tutorials are available to help you along.

Operator experience

Olark integrates with most popular instant messenger clients. I use GTalk, but I am assured that iChat, Meebo, Miranda and others all work fine. From the end of the operator you get to monitor visitors on the website and gather helpful information such as username, status, what country they are in and which page they are on. You can choose to initiate chat with a visitor or sit back and let them come to you. Honestly, I prefer the latter. I often find that customers either ignore you or are scared away when a stranger pops-up trying to start a conversation. As long as a visitor knows where to go with a problem, they will come to you with a question.

As the operator, you have the ability to see exactly what the visitor is viewing. This allows you scroll the page and point out specific items. You can even redirect the visitor to another page on the site without losing the chat.

Full integration with Google Analytics is available, allowing you to improve your website chat service.

User experience

Olark does not change anything about the way the site loads-up or looks; it simply adds a small widget in the bottom corner of the screen. Big enough to notice but not get in the way.

During set-up you have the ability to customise the colour of the widget and coordinate the theme according to your site. Chat is as fast and fluid as you would expect from an instant messenger widget.


There are currently four packages available, all featuring unlimited conversations and a vast list of standard features. Package prices are as follows:

  • Bronze – $15/month
  • Gold – $44/month
  • Platinum – $166/month
  • Ultimate – $219/month


Everyone is different but from my own perspective, Olark is the best real-time chat tool on the market – a very worthwhile investment.

Olark: Simple Real-time Chat

Features: 5/55/55/55/55/5

Support: 4.5/54.5/54.5/54.5/54.5/5

Price: 4/54/54/54/54/5

The three words in the title: simple real-time chat, sum up Olark perfectly, in fact, I could end the review right there. Of course, I am not going to, but the title alone makes Olark a worthy investment.

The application is a live chat tool that can be used by websites to converse with visitors – a rare thing in web-based retail. Being able to direct a customer to the correct page, provide help with contact forms or answer general questions, will not only gain your site a good reputation for customer care, it will also generate more sales and we all know how important those are in successful business.

If you use, or have ever used GTalk or any other Jabber/XMPP based live chat application, Olark will be very familiar. Even if you are using real-time chat for the first time, Olark makes it a breeze. A simple snippet of JavaScript pasted to your website is all that is needed; don’t worry if you don’t know what this is, Olark.com has tutorials to guide you through it. No need to download or install anything.

After about five minutes (which is all it takes to get up and running) you and several other operators are able to begin chatting to visitors on the site. To help you in providing a better experience for customers, Olark also provides you with information on customers such as location and where they were referred from. In an especially clever feature, you are also able to redirect to external URL’s, meaning you can actually show a visitor to the correct page while never breaking the chat.

The potential benefits of Olark to you website, make it an essential tool in successful business. Give it try, you won’t regret it.

Olark: A Must for New Businesses – From Bronze to Ultimate

Features: 4.5/54.5/54.5/54.5/54.5/5

Support: 4.5/54.5/54.5/54.5/54.5/5

Price: 5/55/55/55/55/5

As a newcomer to the world of e-commerce, I am constantly learning new things about web-based business. One of the things I learnt from a more successful friend was about the benefits of customer communication, not just in replying quickly to emails and voicemails but interacting in real-time. I was then introduced to an application by the name of Olark – I have never looked back.

Olark is a live chat application that can be integrated onto any website via instant messenger. Being able to chat with the few customers I had at the time, answer questions and help people navigate the site, allowed me to close a few extra sales. It also helped me build a good reputation, which in-turn resulted in more traffic. After being impressed with the free 14-day trial I decided to go with the Bronze package at $15 per month. This provided me with the application, the ability to monitor 10 visitors at any one time and engage in unlimited conversations. Within months business had increased and I employed a couple of extra staff to meet demand, I also outgrew the Bronze package.

To demonstrate just how successful Olark has been for me, I am currently on the Ultimate package at $219 per month with 10 operators monitoring 150 visitors, SSL Security and phone support.

Olark allows you to see key information about visitors in real-time and links up with Google Analytics, both essential in providing a better customer experience. It is also fuss-free and can be set-up in minutes. I really cannot say a bad word about Olark.

If you a serious about being successful online, you need Olark in your life. Period.

Olark: A Key Tool in Customer Relations – Review by Matt

Features: 5/55/55/55/55/5

Support: 4/54/54/54/54/5

Price: 4/54/54/54/54/5

As the owner of an online company I am constantly looking for ways to improve the business, generate more traffic and increase sales. It is not lost on me just how important it is to look after your customers. In the online world of social media and review websites, customers can make or break you. Luckily, I have always had a good relationship with the few customers that I do have, however, it wasn’t until I visited another website that I realised just how much stronger my bond with customers could be. This website had the simplest of tools, one that I had never thought of – live chat.

A small widget in the corner of the site allows visitors to a site to get any help and advice they require in real-time. I pride myself on replying quickly to customer emails, I usually have a reply sent within the hour but that does not come close to real-time chat. After a bit of inquiring I found out that this fun to use little widget was called Olark; needless to say I had up on my website the very next day!

As a customer, Olark is a pleasure to use, as an operator it is every bit as good. From installation to live chat, everything about is slick. I know me gushing over just how good this product is will have many of you thinking that I work for Olark – I don’t. It’s just that I have never been so happy with an application. Ok, so I have never tested any of the alternatives to Olark, which for all I know may be just as good, if not better. However, Olark fits well with me so I’m sticking with it.


Installing Olark on your website takes minutes (literally) and integrates seamlessly with whichever instant messaging client you use. In my case Google Talk.  Olark provide a snippet of JavaScript that is simply copy-and-pasted into your website code, don’t worry if are unfamiliar with JavaScript, there are plenty of tutorials to help you along.

From here you can customize the theme to fit in with the color scheme of your site and you’re ready to go. Like I said, the whole thing is completed in minutes.

User experience

Olark works like any other instant messenger with one notable difference – real-time monitoring. As the operator (I now have 6 operators but started on the basic package with 1 operator), I am provided with information about visitors such as their location and which web page they are viewing and by integrating my Google Analytics ID I have been able to see how well my site performs at certain times of the day.

So far during chat, I have helped customers find exactly what they are looking for on the site, provided assistance with contact forms and, on many occasions, just enjoyed a general chat. I have found that interacting with customers has led to a definite increase in traffic and sales.


This review probably seems like more of a sales piece for Olark, (maybe I should ask for a fee?) however it is not; it is simply the view of a happy customer.

Olark: A Brief Review

Features: 4/54/54/54/54/5

Support: 5/55/55/55/55/5

Price: 4.5/54.5/54.5/54.5/54.5/5

If you have never heard of Olark, it is basically an instant messenger for business websites; however, unlike GTalk or Meebo, Olark offers much more than just live chat.

This importance of customer interaction in business is essential and being able to provide assistance to visitors can help to build a reputation and increase sales. Olark can be set-up in minutes (literally) and can provide you with a widget that gives you the chance to converse with visitors. The widget can be personalised according your website with numerous different themes to choose from and should you run into any problems with the application, the guys at Olark.com are on hand to reply personally.

Olark allows you to monitor multiple visitors on your site and see key information such as location and status. The application can also be linked to Google Analytics, giving you the chance to see how your site is viewed by customers.

Quite simply, Olark can be the difference between a lost customer and a sale. In business, it doesn’t get any more important than that. With packages starting at just $15 per month, Olark may prove one of the best investments you ever make!

Olark Review by Jake Johnson @ FastDivision.com

Features: 5/55/55/55/55/5

Support: 5/55/55/55/55/5

Price: 5/55/55/55/55/5

I chose Olark because it was simple to integrate and looked great compared to older live chat solutions that looked like they were built in the late 90’s – early 00’s. I can plug in Google Chat or any other IM client and get started right away.

Immediately after trying Olark you’ll notice some really nifty features like visitor stats (location, time on page, etc.) and a JavaScript API. The API gives you a lot of control over when to show the live chat window, tie visitors to actual user accounts and it even handles chat events.

Highly recommend Olark because the developers keep up with the times and know what they’re doing!

Jake Johnson is the founder of the famous premium Magento theme company, Fast Division who built Avalanche.

Why You should Integrate Live Chat to your Website with Olark

Features: 4/54/54/54/54/5

Support: 4/54/54/54/54/5

Price: 5/55/55/55/55/5

If you are looking for ways to improve your business, generate more traffic and sales – Olark is a name worth remembering. Ask any established business owner what the key to running a successful company is and they will tell you it is all about the customers. Look after your customers and they will keep on coming back. Not only this, they will be happy to tell others about how great your company is. A good relationship with customers comes from interaction, Olark allows exactly this.

Olark is a live chat application that can be integrated with your existing instant messenger client and be placed as a small chat box on your site, allowing you to converse with customers and track data in real-time. Installation can be done in a few simple, jargon-free steps and your widget can be designed to match the theme of your website.

The possibilities of Olark are endless. From the ability to reach out and help customers, providing advice and answering questions to the gathering of visitor information – even when you are offline – to help improve your website performance.

Installing Olark on your site can really drive your business forward and put you ahead of competitors. As a web-based retailer, this tool requires consideration at the very least. Take action now! All your competitors are doing it!

Add Olark for Real-time Chat on your Website

olark.comOlark is a web-based application that allows real-time chat and monitoring of website visitors through instant messaging clients. Now that the formal description is out of the way, let’s look at what Olark can offer to website operators and their customers.

If you run an online business you don’t need me to tell you how important it is to provide customer care. Many website operators do this by responding to emails and answering phone calls, Olark takes the relationship between operator and customer to a new level; one that is lot more personal.

Olark chat

Olark is primarily an instant messaging service and it performs this duty excellently. Installation is very straight-forward: simply choose whether to copy and paste the Olark JavaScript snippet into your website’s code or opt for a link for visitors to click on if they require assistance. From here, you can choose which instant messaging service to integrate with. All of the popular IM clients work with Olark, so this will not be a problem. Once this is complete you are ready go – it is that easy. In fact, the whole installation process takes less than 5 minutes!

Olark can be customised to blend in with the colour scheme of your site and the only noticeable change to the site is the small widget in the bottom right-hand corner. As you would expect from an IM, the chat on Olark is fast and does not lag in any way. You can choose whether you wish to engage with visitors or let them make the first contact. As a stand-alone chat tool, Olark is worth the monthly fee, however, it is much more than simply a way to communicate with customers.

Visitor tracking

Like I said, Olark is primarily a live chat application, but it is also much more. Actually, it doesn’t have to be a chat tool at all; you can choose to hide the IM completely and use Olark purely to monitor visitors should that appeal to you.

From the operator’s perspective, Olark is an excellent application and can be vital for business. There are a number of key features that allow the improvement of customer service. The first is the ability to gather information about visitors even when you are offline. Details of URL, location and status are all available, and whilst in a conversation, both operator and visitor can view the same page, meaning customers can be helped more thoroughly. Multiple operators can also join in a conversation when required.

Olark can also be integrated with Google Analytics, providing you with essential feedback on when your site is most visited.

Of course, not every site may require a chat tool and just how many people will use the feature in relation to the monthly subscription fee may be a worry. That being said, you will never know until you try it. Olark are currently offering a free 14-day trial, I would recommend that you take this option and see how well it performs before signing-up.