Why You should Integrate Live Chat to your Website with Olark

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If you are looking for ways to improve your business, generate more traffic and sales – Olark is a name worth remembering. Ask any established business owner what the key to running a successful company is and they will tell you it is all about the customers. Look after your customers and they will keep on coming back. Not only this, they will be happy to tell others about how great your company is. A good relationship with customers comes from interaction, Olark allows exactly this.

Olark is a live chat application that can be integrated with your existing instant messenger client and be placed as a small chat box on your site, allowing you to converse with customers and track data in real-time. Installation can be done in a few simple, jargon-free steps and your widget can be designed to match the theme of your website.

The possibilities of Olark are endless. From the ability to reach out and help customers, providing advice and answering questions to the gathering of visitor information – even when you are offline – to help improve your website performance.

Installing Olark on your site can really drive your business forward and put you ahead of competitors. As a web-based retailer, this tool requires consideration at the very least. Take action now! All your competitors are doing it!

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