Olark: Simple Real-time Chat

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The three words in the title: simple real-time chat, sum up Olark perfectly, in fact, I could end the review right there. Of course, I am not going to, but the title alone makes Olark a worthy investment.

The application is a live chat tool that can be used by websites to converse with visitors – a rare thing in web-based retail. Being able to direct a customer to the correct page, provide help with contact forms or answer general questions, will not only gain your site a good reputation for customer care, it will also generate more sales and we all know how important those are in successful business.

If you use, or have ever used GTalk or any other Jabber/XMPP based live chat application, Olark will be very familiar. Even if you are using real-time chat for the first time, Olark makes it a breeze. A simple snippet of JavaScript pasted to your website is all that is needed; don’t worry if you don’t know what this is, Olark.com has tutorials to guide you through it. No need to download or install anything.

After about five minutes (which is all it takes to get up and running) you and several other operators are able to begin chatting to visitors on the site. To help you in providing a better experience for customers, Olark also provides you with information on customers such as location and where they were referred from. In an especially clever feature, you are also able to redirect to external URL’s, meaning you can actually show a visitor to the correct page while never breaking the chat.

The potential benefits of Olark to you website, make it an essential tool in successful business. Give it try, you won’t regret it.

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