Why Olark is an essential website tool – my full review

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As a small business online, interacting with customers can be a great way of getting to know your target audience and making people feel at home when they visit your site. Online shoppers are a pretty loyal bunch of people, they will be more than happy to return to a site that has provided them with a good service. A live chat tool can be essential in providing a personal visitor experience. One such application that offers this real-time chat function is Olark.

I stumbled upon Olark when in search for a chat tool, and although it wasn’t the first application I came across it was definitely the one that appealed to me the most. This is because Olark has features that go way beyond talking with visitors.


The features included with Olark are things that I had never considered needing – until I actually had them. First of all, there are a number of different themes to choose from and you can customize your chat widget to fit in effortlessly with the theme of your website. You can also integrate Olark with GTalk and other instant messaging simply by feeding it with credentials provided by the guys at Olark.com. What appealed most to me, however, was the bonus of real-time tracking data. You can see the visitor’s location and status and also which page of the website they are currently browsing. This really helps in providing the customer with a better user experience and by adding Google Analytics; you are able to see how well your website performs at certain times.

Another feature that I really enjoy with Olark is the ability to redirect customers to the correct areas of the site, without losing the chat. You can even scroll the page and circle specific items for them – quite incredible! Live chat is also seamless, never once has there been a lag in conversation, even when changing URL.

One thing that I did find about chatting with visitors is that it is better from them to come to you rather than you initiating conversation, although, that was just my personal experience.


I could not write this review without talking about the installation process. Olark is quite simply the easiest application I have ever installed. No downloading or unpacking of zip files, it is literally a copy and paste of JavaScript snippet and you’re done. It can be done in minutes. If you do become stuck at any point, for instance, if you are using commercial CMS, Olark has numerous tutorials for Shopify, WordPress, Blogger, and others.


Olark offer four different packages, giving the chance to upgrade as your site grows, these packages are as follows:

  • Bronze – 1 operator, monitoring of 10 visitors, unlimited conversations – $15/month
  • Gold – 3 operators, monitoring of 40 visitors, unlimited conversations – $44/month
  • Platinum – 6 operators, monitoring of 80 visitors, unlimited conversations, SSL security, white label – $166/month
  • Ultimate – 10 operators, monitoring of 150 visitors, unlimited conversations, SSL security, white label, phone support – $219/month

All the technical support you need is also provided by the nice guys over at Olark.com.


Olark is an excellent tool and is really easy to get started with. If you require a chat application, it has to feature highly on the list.

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