The ability to monitor visitors creates a whole new dimension

There is a well-known saying in business that goes: “the customer is always right.” Listening to your customers is a good thing there is no doubt about it. If you are someone that does value your customer base, you will love Olark.

Olark is a web-based application that lets you place a live chat widget onto your website and communicate with customers. Think about it: a potential customer visits your website and is having problems finding what they are looking for. The normal response to this is to simply press the ‘back’ or ‘backspace’ button and leave the site. However, with the live chat option an operator is ready and waiting to provide all the assistance that the customer needs.

Not only does this allow you to keep customers that you would have lost, it helps you to build up a good reputation.

A JavaScript snippet is all that is required to install the widget onto your site and a custom or choice of predefined theme will have the chat box looking the part on your site. Once you are up and running you can choose to either reach out to customers or sit back and monitor their activity, letting them come to you with any problems.

The ability to monitor visitors on your website is something that adds a whole new dimension to the instant messenger service. You can see the location of your visitors and which page of the site they are viewing. During chat you actually can redirect customers to a specific page and lead them to what they are looking for.

A great list of standard features come with every Olark package and as you upgrade to more operators and visitor monitoring, extra features are added such as SSL security and White Label. Packages start with the Bronze package at $15 per month offering 1 operator and the monitoring of 10 visitors and scale up to the Ultimate package 10 operators and monitoring of 150 visitors at any one time.

If you are a new company or one looking to improve customer relations, an application like Olark is exactly what you need. Promo Code

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