Olark is definitely a name to keep in mind

Features: 5/55/55/55/55/5

Support: 4.5/54.5/54.5/54.5/54.5/5

Price: 5/55/55/55/55/5

There is nothing more important in business than customers. Regardless of your business, the level of customer care you provide will make or break you. In the world of e-commerce, visitor interaction is something that often lacking. Olark can solve that problem.

Customers like to be looked after and if they feel loved they will remain loyal. Having a live chat application on hand to communicate with customers, providing advice, answer questions and help them with problems will make them feel more welcome. Not only will this help you build a good reputation (essential as a new company), it will generate more traffic and therefore increase sales.

Olark is a live chat application with the added bonus of real-time tracking data. It can be integrated in minutes – without the need for download – and provide both users and operators with an excellent experience.

As a customer, having the option of live chat on a site is comforting, as an operator it is essential for a better site. Olark provides the operator with useful data on customers such as location and page address; it can also be integrated with Google Analytics so that you can see which times are the best to be online.

It matters not who initiates the conversation on Olark and the actually chat experience is very similar to GTalk and other instant messaging clients which most people are familiar with. You can also customise the theme of the Olark widget to the colour scheme of your site.

If live chat is something of interest to you, Olark is definitely a name to keep in mind.

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